Garageband For PC Windows 7/8/10 Free Download Latest 2021

Download Garageband For PC & Windows 7/8/10 

If You Are Looking For Garageband For PC Windows 7, 8 and 10 And You Don’t Know How To Download Garageband For PC Then You Are At A Right Place.

This Article Will Let You Know About How To download and install Garageband in your Windows 7, 8, and 10 also you can see steps for download Garageband for mac as well. To Read This Article Carefully Without Skipping Any Step.

Garageband Overview:-

Garageband Software Is Developed By Apple Inc. Garageband Is One Of The Best Music Creator Software For iOS And Mac OS. Garageband Is Digital Audio Workstation. It Is a Part Of iLife Software Suite.

It Is Music And Podcast Creation Software That Enable Users To Create Multiple Tracks With Pre-made MIDI Keyboards. Garageband Comes With Various Instrumental Effects & Voice Recordings.

Garageband Can Record And Playback Multiple Tracks Of Audio. With The Help Of Garageband User Can Enhance Audio Track With Various Effects Like reverb, echo, distortion, And Many More Other Audio Effects.

Also, Garageband Offers The Ability To Record Audio At Both 16 Bit & 24 Bit Audio Resolution. With The Help Of Garageband’s Tuning System, You Can Correct Pitch & Imitate The Auto Tuning Effect When The Track Was Tuned To The Maximum Level.

What Are The Main Features Of Garageband?

  1. Audio Recording
  2. Different Guitar Features
  3. Lots Of Music Lessons
  4. Virtual Software Instruments
  5. MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Editing
  6. Audio Loops
  7. Third-Party Instruments
  8. Sample Multitrack Source Files
  9. Limitations

Jam Packs For Garageband

Jam Packs Are Official Add-ons For Garageband. Every Jam Pack Contains Different Software Instruments & Loops

  • GarageBand Jam Pack: Remix Tools
  • GarageBand Jam Pack: Rhythm Section
  • GarageBand Jam Pack: Symphony Orchestra
  • GarageBand Jam Pack: World Music
  • GarageBand Jam Pack: Voices

There Are a Lot Of Other Jam Packs Are Available On the Internet.

How Do I Know If My PC Supports Garageband Or Not?

If Your PC Supports VMWare Then It Will Definitely Supports Garageband. Because Garageband Officially Not Available For Windows You Need To Install Mac OS Sierra In VMware And Then In Mac OS Sierra You Can Use Garageband For Free.

How To Enable Virtualization For VMWare?

If You Have Enabled Virtualization From Your Bios Settings Then Only VMWare Will Work Properly In Your System.

First You Need To Check That Your System Supports Virtualization Or Not.

If You Have AMD Processor Then You Can Check It Via AMD-V Compatibility Checker Tool. And If You Have Intel Processor Then You Can Check It On The Link Given Below. You Need To Enter Your Intel Processor Name To Check That Your System Supports Virtualization Or Not.

If Your System Don’t Support Virtualization Then Android Simulators And Virtual Machines Will Work But Won’t Function Correctly.

And If You Want To Check That Virtualization Is Enabled or Not You Can Check It In Task Manager>Performance>Virtualization

How To Install VMWare Workstation

It Is Very Important To Watch This Full Video Tutorial To Know How To Install VMWare Workstation.

How To Install Mac OS Sierra On Windows

Here Is Step By Step Guide On How To Install Mac OS Sierra On Windows

1. First You Need To Enable Virtualization Technology In Your System. (Tutorial Given Above)

2. After Enabling Virtualization Install VMWare Workstation In Your System.

3. Download Mac OS Sierra From The Link Given Below.

4. Extract The Mac OS Sierra Zip

5. After Extracting Open macOS Sierra 10.12 Files > macOS Sierra 10.12 Files > Installation Tools > VMware > Patch Tools

6. At Location Given Above You, Will Find A CMD File Named win-install. Run That(win.install) File As Administrator.

7. Now, A Command Prompt Window Will Pop-up, This Command Prompt Windows Will Install Patch In VMware Software Which Is Important For macOS.

8. Now Launch VMware Workstation And Select Create A New Machine.

9. Select Typical And Click On Next.

10. Select I Will Install The Operating System Later And Click On Next.

11. In Next Window Select Apple Mac OS X As Guest Operating System And macOS 10.12 In Version Section.

12. In Next Window, Name The Virtual Machine & Select The Location. Click On Next.

13. Now Select Disk Capacity. Recommended Capacity For MacOS Is 40 GB. And Below Disk Capacity Select Store Virtual Disk As A Single File. Click Next.

14. On Next Window Click On Finish.

15. Select The Virtual Machine You Created Recently And Click On Edit Virtual Machine Settings.

15. Select 4 In Number Of Processors For Better Performance.

16. Then Increase The RAM From 2 GB To 4 GB Or More.

17. Now Select Hard Disk(SATA) And Remove It.

18. Then Click On Add And Select Hard Disk And Click On Next.

19. Select SATA(It’s Recommended) And Click On Next.

20. On Next Window Select Use An Existing Virtual Disk And Go For Next.

21. Now Click On Browse And Select The VMDK* File From Extracted Folder Of MacOS. And Then Click On Finish.

Done, You Have Installed Mac OS In VMware Successfully. Now You Need To Edit Some Virtual Machine Files To Let The MacOS Work Properly.

How To Edit VMX File For MacOS?

Navigate macOS Virtual Machine Files That Which You Browsed And Located In Step 12.

Right, Click On VMX* File And Open With  Notepad.

Scroll Down To End And Add This Line Then Press (Ctrl+S) To Save File.


You Are Done Now You Can Power On This Virtual Machine.


Setup MacOS In VMWare

After Installing MacOS In VMWare Now You Need To Setup MacOS. Power On The Virtual Machine. As We Have Selected SATA In Hard Disk Type, And This Is Only Way To Install macOS Sierra or EI Captain In VMWare Or Virtual Box You Need To Perform A Clean Installation Of MacOS.

Below Is a Step-by-Step Guide Provided On How To set up MacOS In VMWare.

1. Choose Your Original Country & Click On Continue.

2. Select A Keyboard Layout You Use And Click On Continue.

3. Now Choose A Method To Transfer Information To This MacOS And Click On Continue.

There Are 3 Options Available For Transferring Information To This Mac.

  1. From Mac
  2. From Windows
  3. Don’t Transfer Any Information Now.

I Prefer To Select Don’t Transfer Any Information Now.

4. On Next Window Enable Location Services And Click On Continue.

5. In the Next Window It Will Ask To Sign In With Your Apple ID. Select Don’t Sign in And Click On Continue.

6. On the Next Page, It Will Show Terms And Conditions Click On Continue.

7. ON Next Window You Have To Create A Computer Account.

On This Page Fill Out The Following Information Given Below.

  1. Full Name
  2. Account Name
  3. Password (Re-Enter Password)
  4. Password Hint

And At Last Tick On Select Time Zone Based On Current Location And Click Continue.

8. On the Next Page It Will Show The Information Of Diagnostics & Usage Click On Continue.

9. Done, It Will Show Setting Up Your Mac. Wait For a Couple of Minutes And It Will Run To The Desktop Of MacOS.

10. Now Install The VMware Tools For macOS. Instruction Given Below.

Install VMware Tools For MacOS(Full Screen)

1. Navigate And Right Click On MacOS Tab. Then Navigate To Removable Devices > CD/DVD (SATA) > Settings

2. Tick On Connected & Connect On Power On In Device Status Tab. And Then Tick On Use ISO Image File And Click On Browse In Connection Tab.

3. Now Go To The MacOS Extracted Folder And Go To macOS Sierra 10.12 Files > Installation Tools > VMware > VMware Tools And Select VMware Tools.iso And Click On Open.

4. Now On Virtual Machine Settings Click On Ok To Save The Changes.

5. After Click On Ok In A Minute A Window Of VMware Tools Will Pop Up. Click on Install VMware Tools.

6. Now It Will Show You Instruction Page Click On Continue. 

7.  On Next Page Click On Install. And Again You Have To Click On Continue Installation.

8. For Installation Of New Software MacOS Will Ask You For Your Username And Password. Write Your Username And Password And Click On Install Software.

9. Wait For Installer To Complete The Installation Process. When It Shows The Installation Was Successful Click On Restart To Experience MacOS In Full Screen.

Done, Now You Can Install Garageband In Windows.

How To Install Garageband On Windows

In Above Article We Have Seen How To Install And set up MacOS In VMWare. Now We Will See How To Install Garageband In Windows.

1. Run VMware In Your Windows System.

2. Power On macOS Virtual Machine.

3. Go To MacOS App Store.

4. Search For Garageband In-App Store.

5. Install The Garageband.

6. Done, You Have Successfully Installed Garageband On Windows. Now You Can Enjoy Powerful Garageband Features For Free.

This Is The Only Genuine Method To Download Garageband For PC Windows 7/8/10 For Free.

Top Garageband Alternatives

1. Audacity 

Audacity Is Easy-to-use, Multi-Track Audio Editor. You Can Record Audio Too In Audacity. Audacity Is Available For Windows, macOS, GNU, Linux And Other Operating Systems.

The Interface Of Audacity Can Be Translated In Many Different Languages. Audacity Is Free Software Developed By Group Of volunteers & Distributed Under The GNU General Public Licence(GPL)

Main Features Of Audacity:- 

  • Record Audio
  • Import/Export Audio
  • Enhance Sound Quality
  • Supports All Most All Voice Extensions
  • Edit Sound Cut, Copy And Mix
  • Real-Time Preview Of Sound Effects
  • Large Range Of Keyboard Shortcuts

2. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition Is Professional Digital Audio Editor Software Developed By Adobe Systems Inc. You Can Edit, Mix, Record And Restore Audio In Adobe Audition. Adobe Audition Includes Miltitrack, Wave Form & Spectral Display. Adobe Audition Is Industry’s Best Audio Cleaner And Restorer.

Main Features Of Adobe Audition :-

  • DeReverb Effects
  • DeNoice Effects
  • Most Accurate PlayBack
  • Improved Recording Performance
  • Improved Multi Track UI
  • On Clip Gain Control
  • Waveform Scaling
  • Add New Tracks And Delete Empty Tracks
  • Zoom To Specific Duration Time
  • Various Effects & Presets Migration
  • Open Premiere Pro Projects In Audition
  • Sound Clip Spotting
  • Different Tracks Panel

3. Ableton Live

Ableton Live Is Fast, Fluid & Flexible Software For Music Creator Software. Ableton Comes With Effects, Instruments, Sounds, And many Other Creative Features.

Ableton Haves Everything Which You Need To Make Any Kind of Music. You Can Try Ableton Live Free For 90 Days. After Free Trial, You Have To Pay For Ableton Because It’s A  Premium Software. You Can Create Music With Live Preview.

Main Features OF Ableton Live:-

  • Lots Of Software Instruments
  • 5000+ Sounds
  • 50+ Audio Effects
  • MIDI Effects
  • Multitrack Recording
  • Unlimited Instruments
  • Track Freeze
  • Multi Processor Support For Better Performance


1. How To Use Garageband?

You Can Use Garageband To Create A Music. It Is One Of The Best Music Maker software For iOS And macOS. Also, You Can Cut, Copy, And Mix Music In Garageband. In Garageband Software You Can Record And Playback Multiple Tracks Of Audio.

2. Is Garageband Is Free Software?

Yes, Garageband Is Free To Use. Garageband’s Premium Version Costs Around 200$ But There Is Not Much Different Between Paid Version And Free Version. And Garageband It Self Never Ask You To Purchase It’s Premium Version. So Garageband Is Absolutely Free.

3. Is Garageband Available For Windows?

The Answer Is No Because Garageband Is Officially Not Available For Windows But If You Want It Then You Can Run It In Virtual Machine In Windows PC.

4. Can I Edit Movies In Garageband?

You Can Edit Any Movie’s Sound Track In Garageband Software. You Can’t Edit Video In Garageband But You Can Add Or Cut Sound Track Of Any Movie In Garageband Software.

5. Which Are Top Alternatives To Garageband ?

There Are Few Garageband’s Alternatives Available Which Runs Smooth As Garageband. You Can Check Them Here